Cheese, Soft cheese

Chaource, of Course

I have another confession.  Even though I’ve now been working with cheese for roughly two years, and have known many people who speak it fluently, my French skills absolutely stink.  So when I saw Chaource pop up on my order form this week, I had to ask my supervisors many, many times how to pronounce it.  Say it with me: shah-OORSE.  Go on, repeat it.  I had to at least ten times.  Got it down? Great! Now to the good stuff!

Hailing from the town of Chaource in the Champagne region of France, where this cheese has been produced since the 14th century, cheese lovers will find it to be similar to a Camembert but much, much creamier.  Chaource has a beautiful bloomy white rind surrounding the creamy paste.  The very center may be slightly chalky depending on how ripe it is.  This is due to the thickness of the rind affecting the speed at which the cheese ages.  Chaource has a creamy flavor with earthy, mushroom notes that linger on your taste buds.  This is one of those cheeses that will leave your guests wanting more!  Serve with your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine at your holiday party and you’ll be host of the year!

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