Cheese, Soft cheese

St. Marcellin

Every Turophile needs to splurge every now and again.  My favorite cheese to splurge on is Saint Marcellin.  Originating from the Rhone Alps region of France, this small, bloomy rind cheese has a rich flavor and even richer history.  It’s been produced since the early 13th century, though originally with goat’s milk.  Currently, Saint Marcellin is produced with pasteurized cow’s milk.  It has earthy, mushroom and truffle flavors and aromas, the strength of which depends on how ripe it is.  When young, it is smooth and creamy, holding itself together well.  When ripe, it becomes even creamier and runny, which makes the terra cotta pot it comes in quite convenient.  It is the perfect addition to any appetizer cheese board and pairs beautifully with Pierre Andre Pinot Noir.

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