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Carr Valley’s Mobay — the Best of Both Worlds

mobayAll too often we get requests from customers wanting something different and unique for their cheese boards, but are hesitant to step outside their flavor profile comfort zone.  Carr Valley’s Mobay is a delicate cheese with personality that even the most cautious of cheese lovers will enjoy.  

Modeled after French Morbier, Mobay is another Carr Valley original creation by Sid Cook.  It takes a layer of sheep’s milk cheese and a layer of goat’s milk cheese and marries them together with a line of grape vine ash.   The result is not only a beautiful and asthetically pleasing cheese, but a tasty one as well!  You get three separate flavor profiles in one cheese–sweet sheep’s milk, tangy goat’s milk, and together for a rustic blend.  You can eat the two sides separately, or in one bite–a decision your taste buds will thank you for.  Mobay is perfect for adding a variety to your next cheese board and pairs wonderfully with Riesling wines.

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