Cheese, Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Rodolphe le Meunier Saitalin

photo-3This holiday season, we have a special treat for you turophiles–Rodolphe le Meunier Saintalin.  Hailing from the Auvergne region of France, Rololphe ages Saintalin and washes it regularly with different brines for about four to six weeks.  This is what gives the cheese its salmon-pink, semi-sticky rind.  Inside, the pastes is very smooth and bright white, dotted with a few small air holes.

I tend to get excited, and a little bit nervous when trying new cheeses.  Will I like this one?  Will it live up to the hype?  The answer for Saintalin–yes!  Upon initial bite, your mouth is just flooded with sweet creaminess.  As the cheese melts over your taste buds you get hints of greens–my palate picked up on asparagus.  The subtle finish of hazelnut lingers on your tongue just long enough to encourage you to take another bite!

Since it’s the holiday season, I enjoyed some Saintalin with Corte Massimo Prosecco and some caramelized walnuts–my new favorite side for cheese!  Saintalin can now be found in limited quantities exclusively at Ramsey Bottle King’s Vineyard Market.

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