Cheese, Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Stinking Bishop

photo (6)It only takes a little sniff to figure out how this cheese got it’s name!  Named Britain’s Smelliest Cheese in 2009, Stinking Bishop is one of the more pungent cheeses we carry at Bottle King’s Vineyard Market.  It was created by Charles Martell in the early 1970s and comes from Gloucestershire, England.  It’s bright orange rind gets its color–and strong aroma–from being washed in Perry, a pear liquor made from Stinking Bishop pears.  Inside, the white-beige paste tastes nothing like it smells!  It has a slight fruity pear flavor, and a bit of a bitter finish–some say it has mild flavors of vinegar.  This cheese is perfect for those who like something pungent, or are just feeling adventurous!  Stinking Bishop pairs beautifully with some Bluker Spatlese Riesling 2011, some pears, and spicy meats!  Beware though, this is one cheese you may just want to enjoy alone!

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