Cheese, Hard cheese

Midnight Moon

Today’s post comes to us from Angie, the Glen Rock Vineyard Market Lead.

moonI was completely thrilled when Bottle King’s Vineyard Market decided to choose Cypress Grove as their featured creamery. I have been a long time lover of goat’s milk cheese and Cypress Grove is certainly one of my favorite producers of goat cheese.

I must admit that, although it is very difficult for me to say this, there is one cheese from Cypress Grove that is truly outstanding… Midnight Moon. Midnight Moon is a goat cheese aged  six months or more. Finding an aged goat cheese in general is extremely difficult, so when I first discovered Midnight Moon I was completely blown away.

Midnight Moon is reminiscent of a goat gouda with a smooth, yet crumbly, texture with hints of graininess. The taste is nutty and slightly tangy, offering notes of caramel on the finish. If you are seeking to create something truly outrageous I suggest adding a dab of  Mitica Fig Jam. The jam will intensify the flavor profile of the cheese and electrify your taste buds.

The great thing about  Midnight Moon is that when it comes to pairing wine, this cheese is extremely versatile. Midnight Moon could be paired with just about any varietal ranging from a nice, buttery Chardonnay to a bold, spicy Zinfandel. Try it with the Lyeth Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and you won’t be disappointed.

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