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PsycheDillic & Sgt. Pepper

pepdillI think the thing I like most about Cypress Grove Chèvre, besides their cheese that is, are the creative names that they give their cheeses.  For example, PsycheDillic and Sgt. Pepper are two of their best!  Both of these cheeses are fresh goat’s milk cheese discs.  PyscheDillic adds a delicious and fragrant Dill pollen, while Sgt. Pepper adds a secret combination of peppers and spices to give the cheese a real kick!  Both cheeses are delicious on their own, or thrown into a salad to add a little flare!  Bluker Spatlese Riesling is a great wine to pair with both of these cheeses.  All you need to add is a nice, crusty bread and you’ve got yourself a treat!

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