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Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor

photo (8)It’s not too often that I hear customers telling me how they lust after a specific cheese.  But when it comes to Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor, the phrase is all too common.  It is a ripened goat’s milk cheese, similar to Humboldt Fog, but with delicious bits of truffle scattered throughout.  The white paste is almost cake-like in texture and you can see the truffles throughout.  As the cheese ripens, the cream line becomes thicker and slightly buttery in flavor.  Over all, Truffle Tremor has a tangy, yet deep earthy flavor.  The truffles compliment the cheese well, having the perfect balance as to not be overpowering.  Truffle Tremor is a must-try for goat cheese and truffle lovers alike!  My favorite wine to pair it with is Francois Labet L’Ile de Beaute Pinot Noir, though there are many other lighter reds that compliment it well!  Just writing this post has had me drooling–I think I’ll need to have a piece for lunch with some crusty baguette!

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