Cheese, Soft cheese

Nettle Meadow’s Three Sisters

three sistersI know I say this a lot, but my next cheese is one of my favorites (who can have too many favorite cheeses??).  Yet another delicious creation from Nettle Meadow–a goat and sheep dairy farm and cheese company in upstate New York–Three Sisters is a combination cheese made of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk.  It is a 2012 American Cheese Society winner in the Sheep or Mixed Milk Open category.  Firm, compact, and chalky in texture, these small 3-to-6 ounce rounds have a bloomy rind similar to that found on Camembert.  That’s where the similarities end though.  Three Sisters has complex flavors of grass and earthiness, with a clean, mild tang on the finish.  It is pasteurized and is made with vegetable rennet, making it an option to both vegetarians and those with a bundle of joy on the way.  Pair Three Sisters with Don Olegario Albarino 2011 for a delectable treat!

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