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Vermeer – May Cheese of the Month

vermeerAround the holidays, our cheese buyer came to me with yet another Aged Gouda that we would be carrying, insisting it was delicious.  To me, all Aged Goudas are delicious and I was hesitant about adding another choice to our already sizeable variety of Gouda.  But of course, he was right–it was scrumptious.  Vermeer, like other Aged Goudas, is full flavored with notes of caramel while also presenting a delicate, fruity flavor.  It has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with the occasional crunch of lactic acid crystal found in most aged cheeses, including Aged Gouda.  Vermeer is so good that it even won the title of Best Cheese in the World at the 2012 World Championship Cheese contest in Wisconsin, beating out thousands of other cheeses from all over the world.

This win caused some upset around the internet though.  You see, this wonderfully full flavored Dutch cheese is carefully aged without using salt and fat.  Yes, Vermeer is a reduced fat and reduced sodium cheese, yet it still beat out the best cheeses from France and Switzerland.  I was nearly floored when this little tidbit of information was revealed to me after munching away for several minutes.  Vermeer truly holds so much flavor that it boggled my mind how it could be low-fat and low-sodium!  Don’t believe me?  Well, you’ll just have to stop in this month and decide for yourself!

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