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Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt Tam

Today’s post comes to us from the Hillsborough Vineyard Market Lead, Stephen

mt tamComing straight out of Cali to a Bottle King near you is Cowgirl Creamery! First off, let’s face it they have so many multi-award winning cheeses we could not just pick one, let alone do this creamery justice by only limiting this feature to one month. The chefs turned cheese-makers, Peggy and Sue, have done an outstanding job on making some cheeses that are truly unique and not to mention outrageously delicious.  For a single creamery there is a great deal of diversity, quality, and painstaking detail to attention, that makes each cheese exceptional in its own right.

Starting from the top, their ‘flagship’ cheese so-to-speak, Mt. Tam, named for Mt.Tamalpias, is a heavy hitter in American cheese culture. Stacking up an impressive 11 awards and counting, there is a definite reason for this dairy sensation. This is a direct result of the care and attention the ‘Cowgirls’ put into the process of making this decadent triple-crème. The organic milk is carefully sourced from the Stauss Family Dairy in northern California, and enriched with cream from the same source. The care that goes into this cheeses’ brief but effective affinage is tasted and breaks through in waves; every nuance of fresh hay, grassy pastures and a piquant-mushroom flavor shines in a velvety explosion that has wide appeal and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Depending on where you frequent you will be sure to find more of the cheeses that the cowgirls put out, be sure to try to taste them all, and then share your favorites over a glass of wine, beer, and good company, as you should with any cheese.

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