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St Agur Blue Cheese

st agurWith Father’s Day this weekend, I have my heart set on barbecue–and I’m not talking about burgers and dogs.  This year we’re doing steak and ribs to celebrate Dad’s special day and I’m already planning out ways to take them to the next level.  My go-to, of course, is to add some St. Agur blue cheese to our steaks.

This French, cow’s milk blue cheese is creamy and smooth in texture, making it perfect for spreading on crusty bread or melting.  It has a rich and buttery flavor that develops into a stronger, spicy finish, which continues to grow as it ages.  St. Agur is produced with vegetarian-based rennet, making it a safe choice for those who choose a vegetarian lifestyle.

St. Agur is delicious melted over a steak by itself, but I like to make a little bit of a “crust” for the steak by mixing the blue cheese with Panko bread crumbs, some Rosemary, Parsley, and salt and pepper to taste! Mm-Mmmm! Now I can’t wait until Sunday’s BBQ!

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