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Made in America: Cheese to Celebrate Independance Day – part 2

usa 2Today’s post is by Angie, our Glen Rock Vineyard Market Lead.

And now to continue our Made in America series, here are some more of our favorites from around the country:

Starting over on the West Coast, we have the fabulous Purple Haze goat cheese. Coming from the Cypress Grove Creamery in California, this goat cheese is the perfect fix for a nice summer day. Pleasant notes of lavender and fennel will intrigue your palate and have you wanting more.

Continuing our journey in California, we move on to the Cowgirl Creamery where they have the luscious Mt. Tam. This triple cream cow’s milk cheese is made with purely organic milk. Having a mouthfeel that is elegant, rich, and smooth, this triple cream has a slight earthy flavor with hints of mushrooms. With a beautiful bloomy white rind, this cheese makes a stunning addition to any cheese plate.

Moving over to Wisconsin, we have the irresistible Carr Valley Bread Cheese. The cheesemaker over in Carr Valley is occasionally referred to as “the Willy Wonka of Cheeses” and certainly has created a winner with Bread Cheese. I recommend heating this cheese up in the oven or on a skillet so that the cheese becomes gooey in the center while turning crisp and brown on the outside. It will taste like a gourmet mozzarella stick with none of that terrible breading.

Finally, If you are in the mood for a nice domestic cheddar cheese, set your sights on Iowa. Here you will find the Prairie Breeze Cheddar. Handcrafted by the Amish, this cheddar is young and sweet. It is the perfect cheddar to put out as a snack at your next BBQ.

Stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon!

*Inventory varies by store. Please contact your local Vineyard Market for current stock.

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