Cheese, Hard cheese

Sartori Mediterranean Fontina

sartori med fontinaThe more cheeses I’m introduced to, the bigger my favorites list becomes.  In fact, the term “favorite” has begun to lose value with me. They’re all my favorite!  There is, however, one creamery that I can’t stop gushing over, and that is Sartori Cheese.  My love for Sartori rivals my love for books–something those close to me will tell you is borderline insane.  Sartori’s cheeses are not just delicious, they’re so unique that there isn’t much to compare them to!

In our July/August edition of Bottle King’s in-store flyer, you’ll find one of our featured cheeses is Sartori’s Mediterranean Fontina.  This is a delicious cheese we discovered back in the beginning of the year while meeting with one of our distributors, who is also a big Sartori fan.  We all instantly fell in love with the Mediterranean Fontina and knew we had to share this delicious cheese with all our customers.

This smooth Fontina is a little sweet and full of flavor.  The outside of the cheese is rubbed with olive oil and earthy herbs, such as garlic and thyme.  Aleppo pepper is what gives this cheese just a hint of heat that will leave you wanting to eat the entire wedge in one sitting.  Pair this delectable cheese with light red wines or Chardonnay (I quite enjoy Lockwood Chardonnay), some crusty bread, and olives. Mm-mmm! Now I’m craving some Sartori cheese!  Excuse me while I go devour some…

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