Special Features

Guess Who’s Back?!

moliterno-with-black-trufflesA Vineyard Market favorite is finally slowly making its way back!  We know it was heartbreaking that  Moliterno al Tartufo wedges (otherwise known to many customers as “that delicious truffle cheese”) were out of stock for a while.  It was so darn good that our customers just ate it all up, and we had to wait for a new batch to arrive all the way from Sardinia, Italy!

For those rare few who have yet to be introduced to this delectable cheese, Moliterno al Tartufo is a pecorino (sheep’s milk) injected with truffle paste.  Not only is this cheese visually appealing with a beautiful marble pattern created by the truffle paste, it packs a punch of flavor.  With this cheese, a little bit goes a long way.  While I love to sit and eat this cheese by itself, I have begun to substitute it in while cooking.  Instead of grating Parmesan on my pasta and pizza, I am now grating Moliterno al Tartufo.  YUM!

Ask your local Vineyard Market Cheese Lead when this truffle delight will be back in stock by you!

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