Cheese, Hard cheese

Mixed Milk Mayhem

In my few years working Vineyard Market, I’ve noticed a growing trend with cheese–mixing milks in traditional (and non-traditional) styles to create a truly unique and tasty cheese.  From Cremont to La Tur, Mobay to Tres Leches, it seems like almost every month or so I am being introduced to another mixed milk winner.

The newest mixed milk cheese we just began trying out at the Ramsey Bottle King’s Vineyard Market, is called Chandoka by LaClare Farms in Wisconsin.  Chandoka is a cow and goat’s milk blended Cheddar-style cheese.  Much whiter in appearance than most Cheddars, Chandoka is sweet and sharp at the same time with floral notes of lavender and a subtle lemony flavor found in many goat’s milk cheeses.  It has a fairly smooth mouthfeel to it, while still having an ever so slight crumble found in Cheddars.  In all my cheese adventures, I must admit this is the first time that I have tried a mixed milk Cheddar and it truly doesn’t disappoint.  Chandoka has jumped towards the top of my recommendation list!  I can’t wait to bring a hunk of it home to enjoy with some fresh fruit, crusty bread, and maybe even a little bit of lavender honey!

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