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October Cheese of the Month – L’Affine au Chablis

chablisArriving at your local Bottle King Vineyard Market next week is October’s featured cheese, L’Affine au Chablis.  You may remember this cheese from a previous post earlier this spring.  Hailing from the Burgundy region of France, this soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese is washed once a week during its aging process in Chablis wine.  This process is what gives the cheese its distinct light pink, sticky exterior, as well as the mild pungent odor.  Don’t fret though, this cheese isn’t as powerful as its famous cousin, Epoisse.  L’Affine au Chablis is very rich and creamy, with a hearty (but not overpowering) flavor and a subtle Chablis finish.  It pairs well with–you guessed it–Chablis wine!  View our previous post for more info on L’Affine au Chablis and be on the look out for it at your BK Vineyard Market!

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