Cheese, Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Widmer’s Aged Brick Cheese

I truly love this time of year.  Though many of you think it’s too early, we are starting to gear up for the holidays here in the Vineyard Market and that means one definite thing–brand new cheeses!  Just last week in Ramsey, we got a new cheese from Wisconsin–Widmer Cheese Cellar’s Aged Brick.  Joe Widmer, third-generation cheesemaker, makes this cheese the same way his grandfather did when the creamery was purchased in the early 1920s.  In fact, Joe uses the same bricks his grandfather used to create this traditional Brick-style cheese.  Aged Brick is a little on the pungent side–it’s rind a muted pinkish-brown and giving off a similar aroma as Taleggio.  That’s where the similarity to Taleggio stops though.  Aged Brick isn’t as creamy as Taleggio.  Instead, its pale white paste is a little more firm.  It has a fairly smooth mouth-feel to it and an earthy, nutty flavor, with a slight pungent finish that lingers on your palate.  Widmer’s Aged Brick is the perfect cheese to pair with a robust beer or hard apple cider, making it absolutely perfect for autumn and your Oktoberfest celebration!

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