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Get to Know Making Chocolate

With the upcoming high end wine and chocolate pairing event coming up at the Dumont Bottle King on Saturday, 10/26, we wanted to introduce you to Evelyn, the current owner of Making Chocolate, and let her share with you in her own words her love for Chocolate and the wonderful business that she continues to grow!

You often hear that people are lucky if they get paid to do the thing they love so much they’d actually do it for free.  Well, I actually did work at Making Chocolate for free.  And it was because I love what I do.

Growing up, the kitchen was the center of our home.  I spent many nights there with my mom, who was a phenomenal cook and baker.  One day, she took a chocolate class, came home and taught me what she’d learned, and I was hooked.

But, as we will in life, I took a different path.  It wasn’t until after I was married that my path wound back around to chocolate, in the form an adult school brochure offering chocolate making classes.  The day after reading that brochure, I was in Making Chocolate offering my services for free in exchange for any and all knowledge they would share with me. 

As one of the few true specialty stores left, we sell over 5,000 molds and all the supplies you might need for your project from start to finish – all the fillings, crunches, sprinkles, bags, sticks, and wrappings you’d need to make your own treats.  We sell only Merckens chocolate in milk, dark and white varieties.  And if you’re too busy to do it, we’ll make your Party Favors for you.

I love what I do.  I’m able to use my teaching skills in our classes and parties, and my helping gifts with all the clients who come in with questions.  I’m a natural sales person simply because I love people, I love helping them find the perfect mold or helping them come up with the perfect idea for a party favor.  I believe in selling only what someone needs and have a loyal customer base because of it.  Every day I am privileged to use my creativity – my mind is always on overdrive, coming up with new ideas!  And best of all, I get to share in those special days of my clients – the wedding and baby showers, the birthdays and communions and graduations.  Making chocolate is a happy occasion.  I breathe it all in and realize that all of these are what make me, me, and what make me perfect for Making Chocolate.

Camille Lombardo, the original owner of Making Chocolate and my mentor, opened Making Chocolate’s doors in 1982. When I walked in that Spring Day in 2002 and offered my services for free, she soon made me a manager, realizing I was fully committed.  When I realized that there was no one to take over the store when Camille retired, I quickly let her know I was interested.  She began to teach me everything she knew, and in August of 2011, the small business called Making Chocolate became mine. 

Since I took over, I’ve kept the basic foundation that Camille built – why fix what’s not broken?  But I’ve enhanced it by adding products and more classes to grow our customer base and spread the love of chocolate. I’m also working with other local business, like Bottle King. Every day there is a new challenge, but with chocolate and wine it can always be solve. 

I’m proud of Making Chocolate.  I’m proud to be a small business, and a rare, specialty store at that.  But most of all, I’m proud to share the love of Making Chocolate with my community, and a whole new generation of future chocolate lovers.

We can be found at 10 E. Madison Ave, Dumont, NJ 07628

For our list of classes, visit or contact us via phone: 201.385.0483.  You can also visit our Facebook page for more information.

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