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Meet Your Cheesemonger – Ramsey Vineyard Market

Hi all!  Welcome to a new series that we are doing leading up to the holiday season–Meet Your Cheesemonger!  Each week you will be introduced to one of the Vineyard Market Cheese Leads to get to know the minds (and taste buds!) of those who provide you with outstanding cheese.  First up is me!

If this is your first time on our cheese blog, then welcome!  My name is Kara, and besides running this cheesy corner of the internet, I am the Cheese Lead of Ramsey Bottle King’s Vineyard Market.  I got into the cheese biz by accident, really.  I began working at the Dumont Bottle King as a cashier during college and then did a brief stint as part of the Management Team before being offered the Cheese Lead position at the Glen Rock Bottle King.  Fast forward to now, and here I am bouncing around the Ramsey store and introducing you to new cheeses every week!  Before working for the Vineyard Market, I had never been exposed to artisanal cheeses and had been quite the picky eater.  College and VM changed that!  I am now a full-blown foodie and self proclaimed curd nerd.  It’s like Christmas morning every time we get a new cheese or new gourmet product (did I mention I’m a chocoholic?).  What’s my favorite cheese, you ask?  Man, that’s a tough one…Well, maybe not!  My go-to cheese is nine time out of ten going to be a Sartori product.  Their SarVecchio Parmesan is amazing, but then again, so is the Basil & Olive Oil Asiago, and anything in the BellaVitano line!  One day, I hope to get out to Wisconsin to visit the Sartori creamery to see how all their awesome cheeses are produced (and obviously bring all you readers along for the ride!).  Until then you can find me hanging out at the Ramsey Vineyard Market.  Next time you’re in the area, stop in a stay hi! I’d love to talk cheese with you!

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