Cheese, Hard cheese

Flory’s Truckle

Today’s post is by Meagan from the Morris Plains Vineyard Market.

florys truckleFlory’s Truckle is the yummy outcome of a collaboration of Tim and Jennifer Flory along with the award-winning cheese-maker, Rufus Musser, from Milton Creamery in Milton, Iowa.  Tim and his wife, Jennifer, are hard-working farmers from Jamesport, the largest Amish settlement in Missouri. Both of them hand raise over 30 head of Jersey cattle. Tim and Jennifer also have 11 children, 8 girls and 3 boys.

Now, what is a “truckle”? “Truckle” is actually the Old English word for a cylindrical shape. This shape is the way cheddars were originally formed from day one.  Flory’s Truckle is made from the unpasteurized milk of Tim and Jennifer’s Jersey Cows in Jamesport, MO. After separating the curds and whey, the Flory family members hand-pack the curd into cloth-lined forms to make the truckles. The Flory’s and Rufus Musser decided to use cheese cloth instead of plastic since cloth gives Flory’s Truckle that crumbly, mouth-watering texture. After 10 days, the truckle is rubbed down with lard to protect the cheese from mold.  The truckle is then turned 3 times a week on wooden shelves for 60 days in Jamesport, MO. On the 61st day, the 22 pound truckles are carefully packed and driven to The Milton Creamery in Milton, Iowa to be aged another 10 months. The cheese is then gently turned 2-3 times a week during the remainder of it’s aging process. Once the one year mark approaches, the Musser family inspects the truckles and chooses only the finest truckles for the Flory family name. It’s heavenly flavor is guaranteed since each individual truckle is hand-chosen by a member of the award-winning Musser family.

The final product is in it’s “truckle” shape with a tan and beige canvas-textured rind. When broken open, the outer most layer of the cheese is a light caramel color with a stronger, earthier flavor. Working it’s way towards the center of the truckle, the flavor develops a more mild, nutty, sharp cheddar flavor with a buttery-yellow hue.

I had a house full of people of ALL AGES because of all the football games this past weekend. From age 8 to 81, everyone loved it! I asked a couple of them to give me a word describing the flavor. The youngest said, “sweet and candy-ish”. My friend Ryan said it reminded him of “salted mixed nuts”. He also really loved the fact that it would break into perfect bite-sized chunks that melted in your mouth. Grandpa Jimmy ate the most out of all of us. He had actually asked me if they added caramel to it! I said, “Nope! It’s just that good.” All in all, the response to Flory’s Truckle was fantastic. Most of the people in the house were drinking light beers. However, Grandpa Jimmy did say Flory’s Truckle is a “warm cider” type cheese.” This gave me plenty of ideas for cheese platters in this now Holiday Season!

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