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La Tur – December Cheese of the Month

la turTurophiles, we have a delicious treat just for you!  Regular Vineyard Market customers will recognize December’s Cheese of the Month as one of our absolute favorites–LA TUR!  Hailing from Northern Italy, La Tur is a delicate blend of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk.  You can recognize La Tur by its bloomy, white rind, and the clear plastic cups it retails in–leading to many of our customers to dub it “the cupcake cheese.” La Tur, however, is no cupcake!  Underneath the rind is a layer of gooey cream wrapped around the dense, mousse-like paste.  As the cheese ripens, the center slowly becomes creamier as well.  The flavor is delightfully intense, with earthy notes of mushroom, rich creme fraiche, and a slight tang on the finish.  Simply put, La Tur is a party for your taste buds!  It’s the perfect cheese to serve for the holidays when you’re popping some bubbly!  The best part of La Tur being our cheese of the month?  For the month of December it will be on sale for $9.99 / 8oz-unit!!  That’s quite a steal for such a delectable cheese, if you ask me!  Hurry in & give La Tur a try!

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