Cheese, Soft cheese

Crema al Tartufo

If you’re an avid follower of our blog here, you may remember me mentioning that the Vineyard Market Cheese Leads got to attend the Fancy Food Show in NYC this past summer.  At the show, we got to preview some incredible new products that have slowly made their way to our stores.  I don’t know how we managed it, but we kept our excitement for our favorite cheese from the show quiet–until now!  Crema al Tartufo has ARRIVED!

We love our truffles here at BKVM, and Crema al Tartufo manages to capture everything we love about cheese and truffles!  It is a super young, super creamy, sheep’s milk cream cheese infused with truffles.  The mousse-like Crema al Tartufo is so rich and so flavorful that it should come with a warning label, as it is easy to eat the entire jar with just a spoon!   Some other ways to serve it?  Spread it on some warm, toasted bread, your favorite cracker, or even scoop some into fillo shells!  It is bound to be a hit this season at your holiday gathering!

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