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February Cheese of the Month – St Andre Minis

st andre 002Will you Brie my Valentine? This year, my Valentine is getting cheese instead of chocolates and baked goods.  More specifically, our February Cheese of the Month–St. Andre.  These mini 7-ounce versions of St. Andre make the perfect snack for your Valentine’s Day date night.  

st andre 006


One of the most well-known triple-creme cheeses, St. Andre is a delicious soft-ripened, cow’s milk cheese from the Normandy region of France.  It’s edible, bloomy white rind is slightly tangy, while the ivory paste is dense, rich, and buttery.  This cheese is heavenly on its own, but dress it up with your favorite preserve or caramelized nuts and it is just downright sinful! Enjoy St. Andre with your favorite light beer (try an IPA!) or pop a bottle of bubbly for an excellent pair.  Top off it off with some pear slices and a crusty french bread, and you’ve got yourself one very special meal!

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