Cheese Plates

Game of Thrones Cheese Board

Tomorrow marks the return of one of my absolute favorite shows–Game of Thrones!  In honor of season four, we’ve assembled a cheese board fit for the ruler of King’s Landing for your viewing party’s pleasure! 

got board

First up is Red Dragon, an aged Welsh cheddar with wholegrain mustard seed and ale.  The powerful flavors are a wonderfully unique addition to any cheese board and the perfect cheese to honor our favorite Khaleesi.

The bright russet color of Red Fox instantly reminded me of Melissndre, so it rightfully deserves a place on our GoT-inspired board.  Aged for 15 months, this cheese is smooth yet crumbly texture with a delightful crunch provided by calcium lactate crystals packed within–the same crunch found in aged Gouda!  It has a complex combination of sweet, savory, and nutty flavors with a clean aftertaste.

Our next cheese represents the family everyone loves to hate–the Lannisters.   Represented on our board by Coeur di Lion Brie, which shares the Lannister sigil, a mighty lion.  Coeur di Lion Brie is a smooth and mild cheese, having subtle butter and earthy flavors.  It can be served on its own or by dressing it up with your favorite spread or preserve!

Blarney Castle seems to be a no-brainer–it has castle right in the name!  Although, personally, I prefer to call it Winterfell Castle.  It is an Irish cheese that is very similar in flavor and texture to a young Dutch Gouda.  We’ll just position this one at the center of the board to make sure it’s well-guarded!

Accompaniments pictured: pate, figs, fruit & nut mix.

Accompaniments not pictured: grapes, berries, honey, crusty bread.

Pair with: Game of Thrones beer, of course! Or your favorite red wine.

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