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Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!

Something that I’ve always loved is that here in the U.S. we have lots of fun and silly “national holidays.”  Take this month for example.  April is National Grilled Cheese Month (with National Grilled Cheese Day celebrated April 12th).  A whole month dedicated to the deliciously gooey sandwich!  What could be better?  The history of the grilled cheese sandwich is a little tricky to track down, but I can tell you that it first became popular during the Depression era when rations were thin, and gained even more popularity with the rise of Kraft’s American Singles.

You won’t find Kraft singles on my grilled cheese though–no sir!  Having worked in the cheese biz for quite a few years now you won’t catch American cheese anywhere near my plate!  While American cheese is the classic way to go for a grilled cheese, it’s far too boring and unoriginal for my taste.  Too often, people don’t realize that there’s a wide world of cheese out there to be melted into your toasted sandwich!  Brie, gouda, flavored cheeses–all these provide more creative and tasty alternatives.  My go-to for a grilled cheese sandwich includes beer-battering the thick, crusty bread,  Yancey’s Fancy Steakhouse Onion Cheddar cheese, Gruyere cheese, a few slices of bacon, and Rothschild’s Anna Mae’s Smokey Mustard.  Mm-mmm! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

What’s YOUR favorite cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich with? Leave your responses in the comments!


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