Gourmet Food

Good Neighbor Hummus

IMG_1500 In our quest to find you a delicious and unique hummus, we came across Good Neighbors Foods, based in New Hampshire.  They offer a wide variety of hummus, including a line of hummus that is USDA certified organic!  Using all natural ingredients, Good Neighbors boasts delicious flavor due to the lack of artificial preservatives, additives, or substitutes.  True to their word, the hummus does not disappoint on flavor!  IMG_1511We recently sampled the Organic Jalapeno & Cilantro hummus here at Ramsey, and it was a big hit among customers and employees alike!  Smoother in texture than expected, the cilantro provides a delightful cooling effect to the spiciness of the jalapeno–a unique flavor we have not come across previously!  Also available at your local Vineyard Market in the coming weeks are the following flavors:  Spinach & Artichoke hummus, Organic Original hummus, Organic Garlic hummus, Organic Sweet Red Pepper hummus, and Organic Simply Zero hummus (no fat and Tahini free!).  

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