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Lakita’s Top 5 Cheeses for Your Burger

With Memorial Day Weekend so close, and BBQ season about to kick off, we’re revisiting our “Top 5 Cheeses for Your Burger” series with some new perspective!  Today’s post comes from our Wayne Bottle King Vineyard Market Lead

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  1. Blue Castello – a mild yet hearty triple creme blue cheese that melts into an oozy puddle of yumminess on your burger.
  2. Smoked Gouda – because what could be better than smoked cheese with meat?
  3. Gruyere – the sharp, nutty flavors provide a different experience than your typical American slices.
  4. French Raclette – a fruity yet pungent French cheese that is meant to be melted and served with cornichons.  A fancy addition for those who love stronger cheeses.
  5. Port Wine Cheddar Spread – the sweet yet savory flavor not only melts beautifully on a cheeseburger, but provides so much flavor!

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