Cheese, Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Sao Miguel Cheese – June Cheese of the Month

IMG_1059Happy Summer everyone! To help us celebrate the month of Dads & Grads, we have a brand new Cheese of the Month–Sao Miguel cheese!

Hailing from the Azores Island of Sao Miguel , this cheese of the same name (pronounced Sow-Me-gal) is yet another delicious find from Portugal.  The mild maritime climate of Sao Miguel Island makes it ideal for dairy farming.  Sao Miguel cheese is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese aged for a minimum of nine months.  Its semi-firm paste is honey in color and contains scattered, uneven holes throughout.  The aroma is sweet and almost custard-like, while the texture is smooth and has quite the creamy mouth feel despite being an aged cheese.

Its flavors are unique and delicious.  Sao Miguel starts off sweet, and milky, but finishes with a subtle nutty, spicy flavor and sharpness that lingers nicely on your palate.  This cheese pairs well with any wine made with Garnacha grapes–my favorite being Veta Old Vines Garnacha.  It makes a wonderful addition to any cheeseboard!

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