Beehive Assorted Wedges – Big John’s Cajun – July & August Cheese of the Month

beehive-logo-colorIf you missed my previous post, then you missed what our Cheese of the Month is for July and August–a variety of 6-ounce wedges of the Beehive Cheese Company’s most popular cheeses!  Last week I introduced you to the first of the four cheeses, Barely Buzzed.  Today, you’ll get to meet Big John’s Cajun.

big-johns-cajun-wedgeHIGHRESBig John’s Cajun is another award-winner by the Beehive Cheese Company, its most recent being 3rd place in the 2012 American Cheese Society competition.  Like Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun is vegetarian friendly and produced using Jersey cow milk.  The unique (and secret!) Cajun rub, which uses cayenne pepper instead of paprika, was developed by local Utah chef, John Dearmin.  The cheese pleasantly balances a sweet creaminess with a powerful punch of heat, making it a stand-out cheese for your next cheese board.  Pair it with any medium or full-bodied wine, or a fruity wheat beer.

Stay tuned for the next cheese, Seahive, next week!

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