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Beehive Assorted Wedges – Teahive – July & August Cheese of the Month

teahive-HIGHRESIf you have been keeping up to date with our blog, then you are well aware that for the months of July and August we have been featuring four unique cheeses from the Beehive Cheese Co. as our Cheeses of the Month. The cheeses that we previously wrote about, the Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun, and Seahive have been a huge hit in all of our stores. So to conclude the creamery’s series of cheeses, we introduce to you the Teahive.

Looking to add a little relaxation to your day? Then Teahive is definitely the cheese for you. Similarly to the rest of the cheeses we featured from the creamery, this cheese is made with pasteurized Jersey cows’ milk with a rub that combines the soothing properties of black tea and bergamot. The aroma from the orange blossom will take hold of your senses, transporting you into a state of ease. The distinct flavor of black tea together with the sweet, citrus notes of the bergamot blend harmoniously together giving the cheese a complexity like no other cheese out there. It is no wonder why this cheese was the 1st place winner at the American Cheese Society competition in 2012. So if you are ready to experience what the creamery refers to as their “feel-good” cheese, then pick up a piece at your local Bottle King Vineyard Market.

2 thoughts on “Beehive Assorted Wedges – Teahive – July & August Cheese of the Month”

  1. We tried the Big John’s Cajun – brought it to a summer party – it was a huge hit. I can’t wait to get back to the store and pick up some more. I may need to try the others as well!

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