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Brooklyn Bangers

Brooklyn BangersDepending on which Bottle King you frequent, you may have noticed a new line of gourmet sausages arriving in the stores. Brooklyn Bangers have been exploding throughout New York City. I first discovered these dogs after a long day at the gym when I wondered into the New York Dog House, a local bar in my neighborhood in Astoria. I ordered the Weisswurst dog with avocado and I was taken at first bite. With undertones of lemon and parsley, this all-pork sausage was one that I could not wait to come back for more.

Cheddar BratwurstLittle did I know I would not have to wait all that long. Here at Bottle King we now carry five varieties of their sausages: Cheddar Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Num Pang, Spicy Beef, and the Weisswurst. Each variety of the dogs has their own unique flavors and I encourage my customers to give them all a try. The Cheddar Bratwurst takes a spin on the traditional bratwurst by adding some Cabot White Cheddar. The Kielbasa is a traditional all-pork Polish sausage with a nice smoky flavor. If you are someone who likes a little kick to your dog, then I suggest trying the All-Beef Spicy Sausage. But the dog that caught my attention was the Num Pang dog, which is the company’s Cambodian inspired creation. With a mild spice and flavored with ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, and chili this is one unusual dog really worth getting.

When you are ready to try something new at your next BBQ, pick up a package or two of these dogs. They are the perfect complement to a sunny day and an iced cold beer.


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