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More Beecher’s Cheeses to Fall For

Beecher'sThe other week I posted about two very delicious cheeses from Beecher’s that were exclusive to the Ramsey Bottle King. I am now happy to report that you can find both of those cheeses in many of our Vineyard Market locations*. After a long wait I have finally been able to try the other two varieties from Beecher’s that our stores are now carrying, the Marco Polo and the Dutch Hollow Dulcet.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like “stuff” in their cheeses I recommend that you make an exception for the Marco Polo. Named after the famous Italian explorer who brought spices to Europe and a game I used to play when I was younger in the swimming pool, Marco Polo blends black and green peppercorn into their already super creamy cheese making a melt in your mouth flavor explosion. The cheese is rich, savory, with just the right amount of spice to give it a kick without being overpowering, you can tell that this cheese was crafted to be used for cooking. But don’t let that stop you from using it in your next cheese platter along side a good bottle of Merlot!

Beecher's DulcetBeecher’s may have originated in Seattle, but the Dutch Hollow Dulcet is exclusive to the East Coast. Made from 100% Jersey Cow’s milk from the Dutch Hollow Farms located just outside of Albany, New York the Dulcet is a double cream cheese. Now my very first thought when I found this out was “hey, but where is the white bloomy rind?”. Let me tell you, this cheese is a very special cheese. Dulcet has a semi-soft consistency but it is just as rich and decadent as many of the gooier double creams that we carry. With enough tang to keep your taste buds interested, this cheese is perfect for taking your grilled cheese sandwich to the next level.

*Contact your local Vineyard Market for current stock.

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