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Sartori Montamore – September Cheese of the Month

This post comes to us today from Amber, the Cheese Lead in the Livingston Bottle King.

CL_montemoreAs the summer months come to a close, the fall months are rapidly approaching. September is here, and with it brings a new love and new cheese to be featured: Sartori Montamoré. Located in the great cheese state of Wisconsin, the Sartori Cheese Company was started in 1939 by Paolo Sartori and is now a fourth-generation family owned and operated creamery. In over 70 years, Sartori has created 30 varieties of cheeses and, in just the last few years alone, has won over 180 domestic and international awards.

You may have seen the line of Sartori cheese wedges in our Vineyard Market fridges before, but the Montamoré is a new addition to be excited about. At first glance glance, the pale cream color of the Sartori Montamoré is already inviting. The first bite of the Montamoré has a gentle sweetness to it, followed by the satisfying tanginess reminiscent of a cheddar. As the winner of the 2013 International Cheese Awards, Sartori Montamoré is sure to make a lovely impact on your next cheese platter. Whether you love red or white wine, this cheese goes well with Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs alike and can be complimented by some crusty artisan bread and dried pineapple or nuts.

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