Big Changes for Bottle King’s Vineyard Market

Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a change in our Vineyard Market Blog. Well Ms. Kara, the past contributor to the Blog and former Cheese Lead in our Ramsey location has moved on to a new chapter in her life. Although she will no longer be a concrete fixture in our little cheese family, you will still see her pop her head in from time to time. We wish her the best in her future!

That being said, I will now be overseeing the Vineyard’s Blog and I would like to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me yet. I have been working with Bottle King since 2008. I started as a cashier in Ramsey Bottle King while I attended Ramapo College. I graduated in 2010 with a BA in Political Science and Psychology. At the same time, I managed to work my way up to the Head Cashier role in Ramsey. About a year later I decided to make the switch into the cheese world. I began as the Assistant in Ramsey and trained under our Cheese Queen Donna. Then, in 2012, I was promoted to the Cheese Lead of our Glen Rock location where I have been continuously growing the department.

I am a foodie at heart- I love a good meal and a good bottle of wine. I love entertaining and putting together parties. If you ever need advice about how to throw the perfect get together, I am your go to girl. Outside of the cheese world I have some pretty diverse interests. I am an adventurer who loves to travel, see the world, and explore new cultures. I am really into playing board games with friends and I am an avid reader of all different genres. And that is only the tip of the iceberg of who I am. If you are ever in the Glen Rock area please feel free to stop in for a chat!

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