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Mainland Egmont – October Cheese of the Month

Mainland EgmontComing to us all the way from the other side of the world, our Cheese of the Month for October is the Mainland Egmont hailing from New Zealand. At Mainland Cheese, they believe in upholding the finest quality in the craftsmanship of their cheeses. They set high standards for their products and truly give their cheeses the time and attention they need to become a star. The company values the integrity of their product and empathize that they will never sell something that is less than perfect. All of the company’s core principles can be seen in their Egmont.

The first batch of Egmont was created back in 2011, so it is still relatively new to the market. Egmont is a cheddar-style cheese that has a smooth, nutty flavor. Egmont has a semi-firm body and a vanilla coloring. The flavor profile starts off kind of mild and ends on a slightly sweet finish. It is a perfect choice for the fussy eaters out there.

This cheese is ideal for cooking and baking. It melts like a mozzarella and has a flavor that will liven up your dishes without being too strong and overpowering them. Just a simple Google search for Mainland Egmont will bring up a plethora of recipes where the chief raves about how versatile the cheese is. Currently I am just a novice in the kitchen but I would like to challenge myself and attempt a few of these recipes. At such an inexpensive price, I cannot resist experimenting with the Egmont.

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