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October 9th – National Moldy Cheese Day!

Yesterday was a very special day – my 27th birthday – and in my opinion, it should be a national holiday. As I was going through all my Facebook comments and text messages, I came across one from my best friend informing me that it also happened to be “National Moldy Cheese Day.” Of course, I thought she was joking with me but after a quick Google search I confirmed that she was actually telling the truth. October 9th is, in fact, National Moldy Cheese Day! Even though the day has past, we’ve decided to extend it into “Moldy Cheese Weekend.” This weekend celebrate by enjoying your favorite moldy cheese!

White Rind CheesesPerhaps the thought of purchasing a moldy cheese frightens you. Well, it shouldn’t. There is a moldy cheese out there for everyone. If you are a lover of a mild cheese then the Coeur di Lion Brie is for you. This brie is made in a traditional French method. It has a subtle mushroom flavor and is super creamy at room temperature. If you enjoy a cheese with a stronger flavor, then pick up a piece of Saint Angel. This French triple crème is rich and buttery. It’s a cheese that will melt in your mouth and leave you craving more. What’s moldy about these cheeses? Many people forget that the white bloomy rind is actually mold. But please don’t let that turn you off – the moldy rinds are meant to be eaten and enhance the cheese’s flavors.

Blue CheesesOf course, we could not have “Moldy Cheese Weekend” without the king of the moldy cheeses – blue cheese! Looking for a mild blue cheese? The Cambozola Blue is a brie with blue cheese. It has an earthy flavor with hints of blue cheese throughout. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Saint Agur. This is one of the strongest blue cheeses out there. It is a spreadable blue with an intense peppery finish. If you want something in between, try the Castello Blue. This triple crème has a subtle spicy, buttery flavor that will please a broad range of palates.

In honor of this special weekend here is a moldy cheese recipe I think you’ll love!

Blue Cheese Recipe

What you will need:

1 Il Forno Baguette

1 Jar  Dalmatia Fig Spread

1 Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

1 piece of your favorite Blue Cheese (my suggestion – Point Reyes Blue)


Cut the baguette into 1/4 inch thick slices and arrange on a baking sheet. Spread a thin layer of Dalmatia Fig Spread evenly on the top side of the baguette. Spread a slightly thicker layer of the Blue Cheese on top on the fig spread. Shave the Lindt Chocolate Bar into a small bowl and sprinkle a small amount on top of the Blue Cheese. Crisp in the oven at 350° for about 5 minutes. Enjoy warm!

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