Cheese, Soft cheese

Demon Du Midi – The Spooky Cheese

Le Demon Du MidiJust in time for Halloween, Le Démon Du Midi has arrived! Don’t let the name fool you, this cheese is not what it seems. Translated as “the Devil of Midi” the cheese is not actually from Midi, a Southern region of France. It comes from the Franche-Comte region which is located in the Northeast. And although the Démon has a pungent aroma, the cheese itself is pretty tame. Don’t let that disappoint you, this cheese is soft, spreadable and you will devour it. It is the perfect way to introduce your party guest to the world of washed rind cheese without scaring them off.

Looking for a way to really appreciate this cheese- here is a tip from Morris Plains Cheese Lead, Karen: serve Démon Du Midi with Fourth Creek Hint of Habanero Relish. It will give it a creepy Halloween look and the flavor combination will be the hit of the party!


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