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Moliterno al Vino Amarone – November Cheese of the Month

Moliterno al Vino AmaroneNow that the cooler weather seems to be settling upon us, you know that whole “Polar Vortex” thing again, I am beginning to crave heavier drinks like a bold, rich Cabernet or a dense Stout. There is no better way to enjoy these strong flavors then with a cheese that is powerful enough to stand out. That is just what the Moliterno al Vino Amarone is, a ridiculously intense cheese!!!

Moliterno al Vino is an Italian sheep’s milk cheese from the Central Formaggi company in Sardinia, the large Island off the West coast of Italy. To create this unique cheese, the company uses their award winning Moliterno cheese that, to this day, still uses the family’s original recipe from 1910. After only 60 days of aging, the cheese is taken to the Veneto region in Northern Italy where it is soaked in Amarone wine for an entire month. Then the cheese is transferred back to Sardinia where it undergoes another 4 months of aging. Just imagine how sharp this cheese is after all that aging.

I have tasted some wine washed cheeses before, but the Moliterno al Vino is something all its own. The aroma is so strong that you are hit with the sweet smell of grape as soon as you unwrap the packaging. The flavor is so sharp on the start that it tickles your tongue. With a sweet undertone, you can really taste a subtle grape flavor as you work your way through this cheese. When you cut into it, the cheese crumbles like a parm but the mouthfeel is creamy and smooth. If you are a lover of a strong, strong cheese you have to pick up a piece of this flavor-packed gem!!

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