Cheese, Hard cheese

New Snowdonia Cheeses

Just in time for the holidays, with limited stock, comes some delicious new cheeses from Snowdonia Cheese Company in Wales!  Ruby Mist, Red Storm, and Green Thunder are small, 7-ounce truckles of cheese in brightly colored wax, which are sure to not only brighten up your holiday cheese platter, but add a unique flavor among old favorites.

Ruby Mist is a delicious, creamy cheddar combine with the rich flavors of port and brandy.  Rich and indulgent, you can identify Ruby Mist by its berry colored wax.  Green Thunder is another creamy cheddar, packed with garlic and garden herbs–Snowdonia’s take on a classic flavor.  Red Storm is an 18 month aged Red Leicester, packing the strong, mature flavors of the classic British cheese while still having a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

These cheeses are scrumptious and only around for a limited time!  Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for availability!

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