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Snowdonia Ruby Mist – January Cheese of the Month

Snowdonia Ruby Mist

Happy New Year!!!

I am sorry about the delay in updating this blog but the usual holiday craziness was upon us and I was totally caught up in all of it. But we certainly have a treat for you this cold January, the new cheese of the month, Snowdonia’s Ruby Mist. Kara highlighted this cheese back in December but a cheese like this needs more of an introduction.

Snowdonia cheese company began in 2001 in North Whales with the goal of creating a “luxury range of cheeses”.  The Ruby Mist lives up to that expectation. This cheeses has a base of a mature cheddar combined with port wine and brandy. It is a sophisticated cheese but that does not make it unapproachable. The cheese has a sweet nose of vanilla and brandy. Ruby Mist is rich and creamy and will quickly melt in your mouth. The flavor is a strong nutty-sweet burst with no lingering aftertaste. It comes in a pleasing 7oz. mini wheel covered in a dark red wax that is sure to bring life to any cheese platter.

I encourage everyone to try this cheese. It may seem a little intimidating but it is well worth picking up a piece.

The line of Snowdonia cheeses are on sale at your local Bottle King’s Vineyard Market this month for $7.99.

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