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Warm Up Your Super Bowl with Some Dogfish Head Chowder

Dogfish Head ChowderExcited for the big game? This past weekend I was up in Boston and the atmosphere is electric. Everyone is pumped for this year’s Super Bowl! If you are from the Northeast like I am, there is certainly no better way to cheer on the Patriots then with a warm bowl of clam chowder. As luck would have it, Bottle King just got in some Dogfish Head Hard-Tack Chowder.

This is no ordinary clam chowder. Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware came up with a recipe straight out of a passage from the story “Moby Dick”. According to the website, the chowder is “made of small juicy clams, scarcely bigger than hazelnuts, mixed with pounded ship biscuit, and salted pork cut up into little flakes; the whole enriched with butter, and plentifully seasoned with pepper and salt”. Of course Dogfish Head also adds some of their 60 Minute IPA for a little something extra.

In the spirit of the Partriots grab a can. It’s simple to make, all you need is some half & half and 3oz. of your favorite brown ale or stout. Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game!

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