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Valentine’s Day Cheese Plate

I know this may sound sappy but I really look forward to Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to devour chocolate I am down for. Throw in a bouquet of flowers, you have made my day. That being said, my ideal Valentine’s consists of some cheese, a bottle of wine, and an all-out Netflix binge with my other half. Here is my Valentine’s Day inspired cheese plate for a nice cozy evening at home:

Valentine's Day Cheese Plate

*Sartori MontAmoré: A sweet and creamy semi-firm cow’s milk cheese from Wisconsin that you will absolutely fall in love with.

*Fromager d’Affinois with Truffle: A rich and buttery cow’s milk cheese from  France enhanced with black truffles. Not much more I can say other then this cheese is irresistible.

*Président Brie with Rothschild Tart Cherry and Pomegranate Preserves: The mild brie flavor compliments almost any fruit spread you pair it with. The 8oz Président Brie is the perfect size for carving into a heart shape. If you are having trouble with the heart, you can always use a cookie cutter to form the shape.

*Also pictured: Mitica Dark Chocolate covered Figs, Moyer Razz M’Tazz fruit and nut mix, and Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps.

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