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Jersey General Salsa – Some Like it Sweet, Some Like it Hot…

Jersey General SalsaWhen I think about what I look for in a good salsa, I want something chunky (but not too chunky), sweet (but not too sweet), spicy (but not burn-your-tongue-off spicy) and loaded with flavor! That is just what The Jersey General Salsa Company has to offer. This salsa is phenomenal and I am not exaggerating. Salsa is one of my favorite snacks and I have tried a lot of different ones out there but none of them really stand out the way that this one did for me.

As the name suggests, this salsa is a New Jersey original and it came about in a really cool way. For years, the General Mayhem’s Salsa Team, led by Chef Jeffery Cousminer, triumphed over the competition in the People’s Choice category of the NJ State Chili & Salsa Championship. However, the time came for Jeff to move and in his place Chef Frank Benowitz took charge. He came up with his own unique spin on the team’s original salsa recipe and The Jersey General Salsa Company was created! But it wasn’t until roughly 2 years ago when Chef Frank teamed up with his friend Dave Aust and together they brought this award-winning salsa recipe to the public. Neither Chef Frank nor Dave served in the Armed Forces, but with every jar of salsa they sell, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation to honor those who serve.

The Jersey General Salsa Company is my new go-to salsa choice. The consistency is exactly what you would expect from a salsa with juicy chunks of mango, fire-roasted tomatoes, red peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions, and a variety of spices.  As soon as you open the jar, you are hit with a fresh citrus aroma. But what really make this salsa special is the ridiculous amount of flavors. Mango is the main ingredient and offers the salsa a nice sweetness and tartness but it is really the Chef’s use of the secondary ingredients that will send your taste buds over the edge. Everything the chef uses seems to just come together to create a smoky and spicy sensation unlike any other. The salsa has heat and sweetness but neither one is over the top. The chef was able to find the perfect balance that will make it hard for you not to finish the jar in one sitting.

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