Cheese Plates

I’m Relishing in This Cheese Platter!

Fourth Creek  Relish

Karen from the Morris Plains Vineyard Market sent me this mouthwatering picture the other week and I needed to show it off. It is such a clever use of a cheese and so easy to put together that I will have to try it out at my next get-together!

All You Need:

1 7oz Wheel of any Snowdonia Cheese (Karen used the Red Storm)

1 12oz Fourth Creek Hint of Habanero Relish

1 Loaf of Il Forno Bakery’s Puglia Bread

Some lettuce or other leafy green as a garnish

What to Do:

Now this is the part that will really impress your friends and makes clean up a breeze: Karen actually carved the cheese out of the wax and used the wax as a bowl! Less things to wash at the end of a night is like a dream come true. Then all you need to do is cube up the cheese, pour the Fourth Creek Relish into your homemade bowl, slice up some pieces of bread, and assemble on a plate. It will be one the easiest cheese platters you will ever make.

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