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Boardwalk Beer Bread

A few weeks ago, we started selling Boardwalk Food Co. Beer Bread and I am now able to share with you the experience of two VM Leads attempts at making this bread. Amber, from Livingston, and myself each took home a box and here is what happened:

Amber’s attempt at Original Beer Bread

Beer Bread - Original

Beer of Choice: Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout

Thoughts: It was super duper easy to make and so tasty. The beer flavor really carries through the bread. The beer was hoppy which definitely stood out at the end of each bite. Can’t wait to crumble mine up on top of a scoop of ice cream later tonight or use as a sub for a warm brownie, I cant decide! Two thumbs up!

Angie’s attempt at Rosemary Sea Salt Beer BreadBeer Bread - Rosemary 1Beer of Choice: Weyerbacher Merry Monk

Thoughts: It is so easy to make with not a lot of clean up afterwards! The bread was the perfect ratio of soft center and crispy crust. However, the reason I chose the Merry Monk was because it was sitting in my fridge leftover from New Years and I needed to get rid of it. I would not say that this is an ideal pairing for the bread. It came out a little too hoppy and the flavor of the beer contrasted with the rosemary. Later that week I tried the bread again with the Lost Abbey Ten Commandments and it came out so much better! The beer has the flavor of rosemary and raisin which enhanced the flavor of the bread. We could not stop eating it!

Complete Beer Bread

In Conclusion:

*Seriously one of the easiest DIY kits- all you do is pour beer, mix, bake, and serve.

*Absolutely make sure you choose a beer you like and that the flavors compliment the bread if you grab a flavored mix.

*Beer does not dilute in baking process so it is important to keep in mind who the bread is for. If you are baking for kids you can substitute their favorite soda! (Although, the alcohol does bake off in the process so there is no harm giving them the beer infused one)

*If you have any extra beer, it’s great to drink along with the bread for an extra big punch of flavor.

*Have fun and get creative. Try different beers with different mixes. What doesn’t work for one mix might be perfect for another.

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