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Ermitage Brie Rounds – April Cheese of the Month

Ermitage Brie 2

Remember the Ermitage brie fondue that stared as the cheese of the month back in 2013? Well the company is back and better then ever with this month’s featured cheese, the Ermitage Le Petit Brie. This 17oz round brie can be the perfect centerpiece for your next gathering. It is a lovely mild brie with a beautiful bloomy white rind. The texture is creamy, soft, and spreadable at room temperature. It is everything you want to find in a brie! And if you are looking to take your brie game up to the next level, try this simple entertaining idea:

Sweet and Tangy Brie Cake:Ermitage BrieIngredients:

1 round Ermitage Brie 17oz (for mine I only used half of the brie but you can use the full thing depending on the size of your party)

1 jar Rothschild Hot Pepper Peach Fruit Spread

1 tub Vineyard Market Glazed Walnuts (crumbled)


Take a long chef’s knife and cut the brie down the center. Layer one half with the Rothschild peach fruit spread and sprinkle with the glazed walnuts (enough to cover all of the spread).

Ermitage Brie 1

Take the other half of the brie and put it back on top. Decorate the top and sides of the brie with the fruit spread and walnuts like you would dress a cake. The end result should look like the picture at the top of this post. Enjoy!


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