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More Big Changes for the Vineyard Market!

As you all read last week, our Vineyard Market blogger, Angie, will be leaving us for a new opportunity–so I’ll be taking over the blog! So I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Amber, and I started out in Bottle King as a cashier at the Glen Rock store about three years ago. When a new store was built for Bottle King’s Livingston location, I had the wonderful opportunity to move into the company’s Vineyard Market there, where I stayed for about a year. Since Angie’s announced departure, I’ve been brought back to the Glen Rock store to continue her great work in both the department and with its blog.

Believe it or not, I used to really not like cheese! It was actually Angie who got me to start trying all the different varieties, and now I’m willing to try anything new. I’ll never forget my first cheese loves: a French cow’s milk Tomme and one of our popular sellers Fromager D’Affinois with Truffles. Now, my tastes have gotten a little more adventurous, and my favorite cheese depends on the day. Yesterday I was craving something creamy and wanted some of our luscious, top-selling triple crème, Delice de Bourgogne.Today, I’m feeling a little nutty and could totally go for a nice chunk of Rembrandt, one of our delicious aged Goudas.

When I’m not cheesing out, I’m usually in school, but when I do have free time I love to spend it reading a great book, watching shows on Netflix, playing old videogames, doodling in my sketchpad, or trying even more food. One of the things I love about my job is getting to taste all the new products we bring in; I can’t wait to fill you in on them all!

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