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Just in time for the big Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got an old sought-after favorite in store for you here at the Bottle King Vineyard Markets. If you’re like me, you appreciate a good cheese with some stuff in it–and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you!

Nokkelost blog 1Originally hailing from Norway, Nokkelost is reminiscent of the Dutch cheese Leyden; however, this Norwegian counterpart is dotted with cumin and cloves instead of just caraway seeds. Because of these spices, Nokkelost is often also referred to as kuminost, or “cumin cheese.”

Nokkelost has been produced since the 17th century. It was modeled after the Leyden cheese and named for the city of Leiden; “nokkel” translates to “crossed keys”, the symbol on the city’s gates. The cheese is made with partially skimmed cow’s milk and then aged for two to three months, giving it a nice semi-hard texture. Left out to room temperature, it yields a smooth bite with fresh, warm spicy notes. Cube it up and snack on it with your favorite craft beer or wine, serve it alongside some pumpernickel bread, or melt it over potatoes and meat.

Increasingly hard to find, Nokkelost has become a hot commodity to its long-time followers. Luckily, all of our full-service Vineyard Markets here at Bottle King have just received a shipment, so hurry in fast and pick up your piece today!

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