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Kara’s 7 Layers of Yumminess

Just the other day, my assistant and I were pacing around the department hunting for a good snack–the concoction we decided on was mouthwatering. Even better yet, it’s a crowd pleaser you can make for your Fourth of July barbeque next weekend! All it takes is seven simple ingredients:

– Rothschild Farms Southwest Dip
– Desert Pepper Delrio Salsa (or sub for any green salsa)
– Desert Pepper Spicy Black Bean Dip
– Grated Pepper Jack cheese
– Pico de Gallo (diced tomatoes, onion, and cilantro)
– Jalapenos (diced and seeded)
– Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Chips

Simply layer the first six ingredients in whatever order you’d like and dig in with the tortilla chips! This recipe is so great because it’s incredibly versatile; feel free to add some sour cream or hot ground beef in between layers or substitute the black bean dip for some refried beans instead.

Want to try this scrumptious treat? Be sure to stop into the Glen Rock Bottle King next Saturday during the Fourth of July weekend–we’ll be whipping up a batch just for you to try!

*Update: The dip was an absolute hit last weekend! Check out this photo–we could hardly keep our hands off of it!

7 Layer Dip

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